Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Male Strip Club

The Male strip club scene in Florida is a hell of a lot different then in New York City states Jonathon, a dancer from Miami. In Florida our male strip club is more like a gentlemen’s club meaning you can go in all day at anytime. We have to do like seven sets a day states John in the New York male strip club its more of a show type atmosphere. I have to be honest as much as I love the New York male strip clubs I like the intimate settings in the bars in Florida. I have my regulars come in and they no me more on a personal level. I have my afternoon ladies my evening ladies and they all basically give me the same the same amount of money each time I see them like clock work jokes Jonathon. In other male strip clubs they are much more impersonal the girls probably come to the show maybe once a year and they don’t build any relationships with the guys because by the time they come back the whole show is turned over. The one male strip club I love to work has much less completion and a lot more camaraderie between the guys and the female clientele. I love the fact in the Florida male strip club we are all just dancers and that’s what we do, in the male strip clubs in New York its just a stepping stone for most of these guys who want to be actors or models. I would advise if any guys are interested in becoming male dancers and you are going into local male strip clubs, Florida is the place to come on so many levels. Le Bare is Florida’s leading bachelorette party male strip club followed by the Savage Men Male Strip Club Review. The upper hand that the Savage Men Male Revue holds is that it also has several other locations on the East Coast like its male strip club in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the Showboat Casino as well as BLVD Night club in New York. The fact the Savage Men can get a major billion dollar casino to host its male revue says a lot for its character and for the caliber or male strippers, massage men and hosts they hire. The Atlantic City bachelorette party and New York bachelorette party concept is completely covered by the Savage Men Male Strip Club Male Revue. Hands down they seem to be the most professional of all the male reviews on the east coast.